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Аutomations for Small and Medium Businesses

Founded in 2021, we specialize in operations automation for small and medium businesses. Our cutting-edge no-code solutions help companies worldwide to get all the automations and integrations they need – fast and without a single line of code!

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Operations Automations

Radically new solutions for data

Marketing Automations: Leverage workflow automations for Email Marketing, Content creation and management, Analytics and Reporting or Lead Generation.

HR Automations: Optimize your HR processes, including Talent Sourcing and Recruitment, KPI and OKR Tracking, as well as Payroll processing. elevate productivity, and make more insightful decisions through AI-enhanced HR workflow automations!

Customer Support: Effective customer support serves as a cornerstone for company value by fostering loyalty and trust through timely and empathetic assistance.

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Benefits for your business

Streamline your business operations with code-free automation. Reduce development costs, improve collaboration, and quickly configure and support processes/applications without programming skills.

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Machine learning

Save time and money

No-code tools automate repetitive tasks, freeing up entrepreneurs' valuable time for more strategic activities.

Embed analytics

Customization options

Changes can be implemented in real-time, enabling businesses to iterate and respond swiftly to market demands.

Access control

Increasing flexibility

No-code tools can often be integrated with other tools and platforms, such as Zapier, to automate workflows and streamline processes.

Data analytics

Easy support

We offer hassle-free technical assistance and maintenance, ensuring your product works flawlessly after completion.

Platforms and Integrations

Airtable: Your Single Sourth of Truth

Make.com: Create Workflows to Address Complex Issues

Softr: The Easiest and Fastest Way to Build a Customer Portal

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How we work

1st Step


We start with evaluating the fit of your project, discussing details, and making an informed decision together.
2nd Step


You'll team up with our project manager, aligning strategies and clarifying product details.
3rd Step


Our experts transform plans into digital reality, creating streamlined automation tools for your business.
4th Step


We subject automation to real-world scenarios, confirming its reliability under various conditions.
5th Step


Our team evolves automation alongside your business, keeping it in sync with changing requirements.

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